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A Service Which Is 'Thinking Outside The Box'.

by Estate Agents in News

Richwards Town & Country Estate Agents were established back in the early 1990s and have been providing an efficient and bespoke service for their clients for over 25 years. The original base in Henfield was joined by a new office in Hurstpierpoint in 2014. Richwards’ Simon Anckorn says. “There is absolutely no doubt that the picturesque corridor that runs along the base of the South Downs, including Henfield and Hurst has become a Mecca for buyers from London and Brighton & Hove, as both villages offer an excellent quality of life, have self- sufficient High Streets and convenient access to some of the county’s best performing schools. In addition, we have the sheer beauty of the surrounding countryside and good transport links.
In recent years however, the property industry has seen a significant reduction in property stock available, which currently is running at 50% what it was within the industry a decade ago. The Government are rolling out ways in which they hope to combat the issue with £3.15bn set aside in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement for 90,000 new homes and a further £1.4bn for affordable housing. The significant problem for many is that for the present time, there is certainly the will to move but not the ‘clear path’ to be able to do so. For many of those that would like to make the move, they have invited agents to value their own homes, yet feel unable to instruct them without having found the right property to move to, fearing that they will come under pressure from any potential buyer if they cannot move in a timely way. At Richwards, we have been working successfully with a number of clients (buyers and sellers) and have been able to eradicate the stresses related to the normal marketing process by adopting an ‘outside the box’ service which really works and those involved can get on with their lives and let us do the rest. With the base rate remaining at an all-time low there are very attractive and competitive borrowing terms to be had from the major High Street lenders, so the thought of moving ought to be compelling. Yet for many it isn’t because they simply can’t find what they are looking for. That really need NOT be the case”. Feel free to contact us to learn how you can benefit from our ‘Outside The Box’ approach.



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